A TIGER IN A CAGE? General Purpose computations on Graphical Processor Units (GP-GPUs) posses an extreme computational power—at least potentially. But often a GP-GPU-programmer will end up in an endless, unproductive optimization phase.

Now, for the first time, you will have the opportunity to do a real profiling of GP-GPU code. Not through special hardware registers or other non-intuitive mechanisms. But in a novel non-intrusive way, meaning that you do not have to pre- or re-program you code, but merely run it through 'lab4241's GP-GPU performance analyze pipeline.

Currently 'lab4241' presents alpha-stage GP-GPU profiling, meaning that only a limited set of the nVidia GP-GPU software stack is available—see the requirements section for details.

Goto the download section for download the alpha-stage software, or goto the demo for a, complete GP-GPU profiling case example.